Outward Bound Oman

In the Footsteps of Thesiger desert journey- 18 Jan 2013

Our small team will spend 5 days on foot, with camels for support, journeying through the Sharqiya Sands of Oman, giving participants the opportunity to discover the essence of Arabia, using the desert wilderness to step out of what are increasingly busy, wired and overcrowded lives and look in … an opportunity to redefine values, and to put life in perspective.


The journey – Our ‘In the footsteps of Thesiger’ journeys involve trekking on foot through the desert, using camels for support. Our route north, from the coast of the Arabian sea into the heart of the desert, follows that of an ancient trade route across the sands called the Darb Muqta’a Habl, which translates into ‘the route that cuts between the tallest dunes’. The summer monsoon, which makes the sea too rough for fishing, co-incides with the date harvest to the north of the sands, so in the days before vehicles, each summer the fishing Bedouin used to travel north on camel to help with the harvest, before returning at the end of the monsoon. Crossing the desert traditionally involved a waterless journey of five days or more on camel, so it was not undertaken lightly, or often.

Our journey will be at a steady, but leisurely pace, enabling the team to enjoy the desert landscape and wildlife to the full, and discover for themselves just what it was that made the legendary explorer Wilfred Thesiger have so much respect for this land and the people that live here.