Outward Bound Oman

British International School Riyadh IA Expedition- 22 Jun 2011

As soon as their exams are over, eight students from the British International School in Riyadh will fly to Oman to undertake their IA expedition at 8,000 feet on Jebel Akdhar in late June. 

  • Emma Louise Pacey

    My name in Emma Louise Pacey and i am 16 years old. I live in the UK for 13 years before moving out to Riyadh in the Middle East. I have lived in Riyadh for 3 years now and attend the British International School.
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  • Charana Vickmal Atapattu

    Hey (:

    I'm 16 and I go to the British International School Riyadh and I've been taking part in the IA award scheme for 2 years and I hope to complete my Silver award with this expedition out to Oman.

    My likes and interests : Sports, watching movies, music (pretty much a collection of anything and everything that sounds good) and I also play Piano

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  • Eloise Rees

    Hi. I'm Eloise Rees and am taking part in the IA. I am currently completing my Gold so after this trip, I shall never ever have to carry a heavy backpack ever again or get lost due to incompetent map reading, so I want this to be a great and unforgettable experience(for all the right reasons of course)!
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  • Sophiya Fall

    My name is Sophiya and I'm 15 years old. I go to the British School of Riyadh and I have just completed my GCSE exams. I'm planning to take 2 sciences and maths next year for my A levels. Over the past two years I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award and I am in the process of completing my Silver award. I am considering on pursuing my career by attending a university in the UK. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, watching films and occaisionally drawing.
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  • Peter Stuart Thompson

    Hello! My name is Peter Thompson...or Mr Thompson when we're at school!
    I am the International Award leader at BISR and also organise many other desert trips to our activities camp at Thumamah, an hour away from the school.
    I have lived in Riyadh with my family for almost 2 years and we previously came from Kuwait.
    My wife and I are both English and we have a lovely little girl called Poppy!
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  • Anisa Ismail Wright

    I'm a Maths teacher at the British International School in Riyadh. This is my first year in Saudi Arabia. Love to travel and love to camp. I've been married for a year and have lived in the London and Vancouver before coming here.
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