Outward Bound Oman

Omani Government School Course- 10 Oct 2011

Our courses for Omani government schools are targeted on working with grade 11 and 12 students. Thanks to the support of our corporate partners, we work closely with the Ministry of Education to run three day/two night courses for young people from both girls and boys schools throughout the Sultanate, at zero cost to the young people. To maximise the educational impact, and for reasons of health and safety we limit student numbers to 18 per course, with an accompanying teacher assisting the Outward Bound Oman staff.

We firmly believe that our courses challenge young people in a way formal education in the classroom never can, exposing the young people to the key skills sought by leading employers, so increasing their employability, and over time speeding up the process of Omani-isation of the workforce.

Specific skills covered during a typical three day course include;

  •  A recognition that to achieve something worthwhile usually requires sustained hard work
  • The importance of time management, team work, negotiation  and  clear communication
  • The importance of thorough and detailed planning
  • Working with limited resources (water)
  • The benefits of healthy active lifestyles
  • Personal Responsibility – all participants have specific roles to perform.
  • A culture of dynamic and continually re-evaluatedHealth and Safety.