Outward Bound Oman

British International School Riyadh IA Expedition- 23 Jun 2012

We welcome BISR back for a second year, this time in much greater numbers due to the hard work of Mr Thompson and Mr Hancock who have worked hard to develop the IA programme in Riyadh. This time last year it poured with rain when they came, so lets hope the same happens again!

  • Amiel Baluch

    Hi, my name is Amiel. Spelt the way its spelt above, A-M-I-E-L. I live in Riyadh, and go to the British School and have been doing so since Year 3. Before that I lived in Jeddah, cause im cool like that. I was born in The Netherlands. I do DoE cause chiilin' in the middle of nowhere is what i like doing in my spare time. You know i'm joking right, I spend my spare time playin' football. But I still like DoE cause it's good to have an experiance like this and many people don't get to have the experiance so i took because YOLO
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  • Shahz Anwar

    I'm Shahzeb but my friends called me Shahz because it sounds sexier ;) I'm from Pakistan and ive been travelling the world since i was a baby. Ive been in Riyadh for 11 years now and sadly its my last year here :'(. I'm going to Oman because my stupid friend Taha convinced me that we werent going to be climbing too high and when i found out he lied to me i kicked his behind cus im terrified of heights. I find the international award fun and interesting and it helps getting into a better uni :p Im looking forward to the 2 days we get to spend in the hotel with air conditioned rooms and bathrooms. However im not looking forward to climbing up those mountains. Inshallah i dont fall off and die because that would suck
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  • Henry Johnson

    My name is Henry Johnson and I have lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for one year. Before that I lived in Virginia in the USA for 17 years. I hope to complete the Gold Award while in Oman.
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  • Rabi Agha

    "Keif tamaam!" - That’s a greeting in Sudani Arabic. I'm Rabi. I'm 16 years old and I've lived in Saudi Arabia for 6 years now, nearly. I travelled from England here, and I've nearly finished my GCSE's. This is my second year in the International Award, and I'm very excited to go to Oman!

    I like football and my favourite player is Neymar :D
    ...Oh, I hope I don't fall off a cliff. That'd be bad.

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  • Timothy Liddy

    Hey, I'm Tim. I'm a British Citizen whose's lived Riyadh for around for around 4 years and spent the other 11 years in Essex, England. I love to play football, Guitar and just chilling with mates. I'll admit it I'm a little scared to go to Oman, but I'm looking forward to it! It's going to be great! The sense of adventure when exploring the crazy landscape! And of course just hanging with everyone xD

    Peace :)
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  • Zain Syedain

    I'm Zain.
    I'm 16 years old and doing the International award because I find it fun and I want to be able to get into a top university. But at this point this blog is becoming generic and boring so I'm going to write a bit differently.
    The main thought going through my head is a quote from 300; "this is madness". However instead of an angry Gerard Butler,I'm faced with the prospect of 4-5 days in the mountains of Oman, in the middle of nowhere. Plumbing, air conditioning and a clean toilet are what I'm going to miss most of all. Just a couple of basic things.
    So I'm hoping for a great time in the middle of nowhere where I don't fall off a cliff, burn, get attacked by mountain tribes, or suffer any kind of horrible end.
    Surviving this is going to be fun.
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  • Christopher Buissinne

    Hi i'm 19 and I go to the British International School Riyadh and I've been taking part in the IA award scheme from bronze till gold, i plan to complete my gold award. I have been living in Saudi for 7 years, 3 years in Jeddah and 4 years in Riyadh. i come from South Africa.
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  • Ghenwa Minawi

    Hello my name is Ghenwa, i'm 16. ive lived in riyadh for well , all my life. This is my first journey to Oman. My favourite food is cheesefries but unfortunately we'll be having none of that during our trip- dry packet food - how appetising. As WONDERFUL as the teachers are they wont be feeding us lols.

    Icant wait for the trip, and five days without showering sounds great! we've only walked in thumamah so walking up rocky hills is something to look forward to.

    I loveeeeeee piggies and I'm hoping to find some and enjoy their comfort after a long walk under 50 degree Oman sun, I hope i get a good tan aswell- and by tan hopefully i wont look like a tomato (colour wise). So far D of E has been very enjoyable, since we're with a group it makes things more enjoyable. my favourite anminal are turtles, but im guessing there wont be any of them in oman either . Im not going to lie not taking luggage sounds terrible, a rucksack is barely enough to cover my food supply. well enjoy this blog, i'll try and keep it updated :)
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  • Rachel Meldrum

    Hey, Im Rachel. Im 16 and I've lived in Riyadh for 8 years. I lived in Malaysia for 3 years before. I go to the British International School in Riyadh and I"m doing my GCSE's. I'm from Scotland and we have a house in Kilmarnock.
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  • Amy Hills

    Hi, I'm Amy I've lived in Riyadh for 12 years and before that I lived in England for the first 4 years of my life. I'm 16 years old. I'm not looking forward to the trip because of the fact we can't shower every day; but it does seem like a fun trip. I'm doing my GCSE's at the moment, and I'm leaving Saudi for good this year.
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  • Lexi Rowland

    Hi My name is Lexi and I have been living in Riyadh for 2 years now.
    I am finishing my GCSE's this year and looking forward to the summer. Hopefully this trip will mean I receive my Silver IA. I must say that I am not looking forward to the not showering part of the trip but other than that the experience should be amazing.
    Hopefully we all come out of this alive :D
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  • Roy Hancock

    Hi there I'm one of the lead teachers again coming to this amazing place. Head of Physics and KS4 at BISR. Been walking and exploring all my life so want to pass on that enthusiasm to any students.
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