Outward Bound Oman


How fit do I need to be?

You don't have to be a fitness fanatic or an outdoors expert to take part in an Outward Bound course, but you will need to be in basic good health. Outward Bound Oman courses involve physical and mental challenge, but courses are tailored to the group, and you do not need to be superman (or woman) to take part. The youngest participant we have had is 8 years old, and the oldest 72 years old. Clearly, the fitter you are, the easier you will find some of the activities.

Ideally you need to be able to participate in a full day's physical activity, and be able to fast walk three kilometres in 25 minutes.

Is an Outward Bound Oman course difficult?

All of our activities and challenges are not beyond the capabilities of anyone who is willing to try, and 200,000 people take part in an Outward Bound course somewhere in the world each year. We work on the principle of "challenge by choice" – by impelling, not compelling. It's up to you how far you want to challenge yourself. We'll be there to encourage and support you, and it is well known that you more you put into something, the more you will get back in return.

I have asthma – can I come on a course?

Yes – we have had a lot of asthma sufferers complete our courses here in Oman. Medical conditions such as asthma should not prevent you from participating. Just make sure you complete the medical form, and provide as much information as possible. All instructors are trained in First Aid and have been specifically taught how to deal with these and other conditions. Make sure you bring extra medication just in case it gets lost or damaged.

Will I be safe?

Safety is the number one priority at all Outward Bound schools. Our highly trained staff make sure all activities adhere to strict safety guidelines that we have developed over the past seventy years since Outward Bound started in 1941. Our methods and practices are monitored and reviewed internally, and externally audited by a Safety Review Team comprising senior Outward Bound staff from schools around the world.

What does a typical course involve?

Our programmes are all expedition based, which means you will walk and hike to a new campsite daily. You will be carrying a backpack containing your clothing, sleeping gear and water as well as some of the shared group equipment including food, cooking items and shelter.

What does the name 'Outward Bound' and ‘Tahaddi’ mean?

Outward Bound is the nautical expression for when a ship is leaving harbour. When a ship leaves harbour, it is vulnerable to the challenges, dangers and uncertainty of a journey. If a ship stays in port it is usually safe, but this is not achieving a purpose, and is not what ships were built for.

Like a ship leaving safety to face challenges at sea, you taking part on an Outward Bound course leave the safety of  your comfort zone to face personal challenges on a course.

Because the term ‘Outward Bound’ does not translate very well into the Arabic language, we came up with the word ‘Tahaddi’, which is Arabic for challenge.

What equipment and clothes should I bring?

You can find a checklist of what to bring in the 'Equipment/Kit list' download  in the downlaodsof the corporate area of the website. You will also find some ideas on how to pack in the ‘Pre-Course information’ download.

Can I be contacted whilst I am on a course?

In a genuine emergency, it is possible for us to get a message to you whilst you are on an Outward Bound course, but because we operate in wilderness locations where there is often no signal, this may take several hours. We create a unique "place apart", and encourage you to take a short break from today's pressures - you'll be surprised at how easy and enjoyable this is.

In addition, your company has invested a lot of money in you to come on this training course.  Calls to and from home or friends interrupt and distract you from your course, and mean we do not have your full focus and attention. Use it as an opportunity to take time away for yourself.

If there is an incident on the course itself, our instructors carry a Thuraya satellite phone and can get in contact with someone at any point during the course if they need to.