Outward Bound Oman

Corporate Development

At Outward Bound Oman we recognise that regardless of your market sector, people are your key competitive asset. The difference between the best companies and the rest is their commitment to people development, and Outward Bound Oman courses are designed to help you deliver competitive advantage through the leadership and team performance of your people.

Since our launch in 2009 we have designed and delivered courses for the staff of some of Oman's leading companies, including Oman LNG, Shell, HSBC Bank, PDO, Oman Arab Bank, Oman Methanol,Standard Chartered Bank, Port of Salalah and Oman Air. Feedback from all of our courses has been extremely positive. 

In the current global climate, when the bottom line is at risk, cutting training budgets looks a simple way to cut costs. But the up-skilling of people must remain a high priority, particularly during recession when increasing productivity is the best economic response for survival. Experience shows that companies which invest in training during downturns are in the strongest position to gain competitive advantage in recovery. The skills of your people are your best guarantee for future prosperity.

Outward Bound are proven professionals, with over 70 years of experience in developing individuals, teams and leaders. Here in Oman we are able to draw upon a diverse and highly skilled team of experienced coaches and trainers from Outward Bound schools around the world.

Courses can be delivered in English or Arabic. We recognise the importance of your investment by providing value for money that is second to none. Why not contact us to see what we can do for you?

The course requests we receive usually fit into one or more of the categories below;

Leadership Development

Leaders make a difference. We understand that effective leaders are a key component to organisational success. We fundamentally believe that leadership is not the sole preserve of visionary, high powered CEOs. For organisations to be successful, leaders at all levels need to make a difference to performance. We work with leading companies in Oman to design courses that expose staff to different leadership styles in real time situations, with real consequences. No desks or doors to hide behind, no mobile phones - anyone can be a leader when things are going well, but leadership in difficult, uncertain situations, having to inspire a tired team in an unfamiliar environment - that is where real lessons are learned, lessons that will remain with you for life.

Team Development

At Outward Bound we continue to listen to our clients who tell us that effective teams are key to their continued success, but staff are stuck in silos, making communication and alignment difficult. Through challenging and enjoyable experiences we enable your teams to realise their potential and become more productive. Our courses highlight the importance of clarity of communication and purpose, focus and alignment.

Apprentices/Graduate Courses

Employers globally, not just in Oman, report that many new recruits and graduates lack key skills such as communication, working with others and leadership. Such skills are not always included in formal education, and are only gained through life experience. Early investment in one of your major resources enables them to perform effectively sooner and for you to retain them for longer. We can work with you to accelerate the acquisition of these skills, and have run successful courses with the 'emerging talent' of several leading organisations such as Oman LNG.